Looking for advice on good secondhand vinyl stores in Amsterdam, I'm especially interested in 12" singles.. any tips? thanks in advance

There was a good guide to Amsterdam stores on the Discogs blog a few months back, probably worth a read:

You can see all Vinylhub stores for Amsterdam on this page:

Without really knowing what sort of music you are into Rush Hour, Distortion and Red Light Records are some of my personal favourites.

Happy hunting!

Kalli thank you for your reply!! I'm mainly after 80s pop/wave/electronic 12" singles, especially promos

You are welcome. The ones mentioned above and Waxwell and Platypus might all be good for that sort of stuff.

I am visiting Amsterdam in the end of April.
Can anybody recommend some of the record shops in Amsterdam selling 60's records.
Looking forward to answers

Hi mrkite53,
I'd recommend Record Mania and Concerto for '60s records. Check out this blog post on Discogs for more in-depth info on record stores in Amsterdam - there's probably a few more good ones in there

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