Hey everyone,
Just wanted to share a few new things on the site in case you haven't seen them yet:

  • Improved search dropdown
    The improved search dropdown shows you more details of possible matches, like images, and location. This is particularly useful if you're looking at a shop like Disk Union in Tokyo, which has several branches across town. Skip landing on a search results page and go straight to the shop page you’re looking for.

  • YouTube Links
    Another cool thing with the Links section - try adding a YouTube link! When you submit, the video will appear in the right column, like on Discogs. Did you have an instore event or make a promo video for your shop? Add it to your VinylHub page!

  • Autosave on the Submission form
    Ever entered a whole form of data and accidentally closed the window or hit the Back button? We’ve added a safety-net. If this happens, just reopen the submission form and everything you previously added will be there. Please note this only applies to new submissions, not edits.

Thanks for all your submissions and for hanging out with us. More updates soon!

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