What about online shops that are listed in the Vinylhub database? In my opinion they're cluttering the database because I use it mainly to find new record shops and to share my knowledge of local record shops with likeminded people.

So what's the policy with online shops that show up in the google maps on arbitrary adresses. Delete them, keep them, flag them (in any way)?

(Example of what I'm talking about is [url=https://www.vinylhub.com/shop/16558-vinyl-pussy-cat-records]Vinyl Piussycat Records[/url])

Hi Locke,
This is a great point. VinylHub is a database for physical record stores and record fairs/events. The point is - as you pointed out - to help guide record lovers to record shops, keep track of shops you've visited and one you'd like to call in on in future.
If you see more online-only record shops in the database, please point them out to us. We'll also make it clearer in the wiki that this isn't really the place for online record shops.

There's a good explanation of Twitter tools that can be used ofr advertising local shops. You can directly connect to your fans and gain follower base by using certain advantages of social media.

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