Here 's my story:
I have created an event (https://www.vinylhub.com/event/49822-debarrasse-vinyles-juan-les-pins) but seems to be difficult to find it from the Vinylhub dashboard, maybe due by a potential duplicate (last year same event), so I decided to modify the last event with new date and new visual (https://www.vinylhub.com/event/26453-debarrasse-vinyles-juan-les-pins). Unfortunately still difficult to find it... There is no France section and my event is somewhere under the 425 events ...

So I have Three questions and one suggestion about the event part ;)
1 - How can we have a France section into Region on Events ?
2 - What is the best solution, modify the last year event or create a new one ?
3 - How can I removeone of both identical events I created ?
4 - My suggestion: Can we have events on the explorer map ?

Thank you !

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