Hi Friends,
I did some scripting and put the record stores data on github.
You can take a quick look at https://github.com/ghostrong/RecordStores/tree/master/vinylhub

You could browse record stores by area, it will also show images.
For example,
USA: https://github.com/ghostrong/RecordStores/blob/master/vinylhub/USA.md
UK: https://github.com/ghostrong/RecordStores/blob/master/vinylhub/UK.md
Japan: https://github.com/ghostrong/RecordStores/blob/master/vinylhub/Japan.md
China: https://github.com/ghostrong/RecordStores/blob/master/vinylhub/China.md
Argentina: https://github.com/ghostrong/RecordStores/blob/master/vinylhub/Argentina.md

Please feel free to use the data in any way you want.
If you find it interesting or useful, please star it. Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks and have fun!

Hey Macondox. Interesting project. You (and anyone else interested in our data), might also want to take a look at our monthly data dumps. They contain all the user contributed data for the shops: http://data.discogslabs.com/?prefix=data/vinylhub/

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