Getting a bad address message though I know the exact address, have a business card of the shop, which is located in a large shopping center. JJ Music Sound is the shop, in Chiang Mai. Can I just pin the shop on the shopping center (Kad Suan Kaew)? Would be easier if I could just click on the map to insert the location.

hey youngbeards, sorry you are having trouble getting the correct location. Vinylhub uses the Google Maps service to fetch location and address details based on the address information in the submission. Unfortunately the google maps api can be a bit finicky about the formatting of the address. One way that can be helpful is to format (or c/p) the address the same way that Google Maps renders it on their page. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions.


Hey pagalrecords, the shops location on that linked google maps page seems to be the same as the on the shops entry page

What specifically is wrong?

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