I have recently added a new shop to the site but the shop is not showing up on the maps page. Please can someone advise?


i am wondering the same. how long of a delay is there before it shows on the map?

Hi. New shops should show immediately on the map. But sometimes they don't if there is a problem with the address. Can you post the shop link here? thanks

it's showing up today. all good.

we still aren't showing on the app. website is good, but not on the mobile app.

Hey WildOakRecords, for performance reasons the app caches the map markers so they aren't unnecessarily being repeatedly downloaded. I think this is what's happening for you as the store shows in the app on a device we tested.

We will be improving how the app fetches and updates this information in the future. Thanks for letting us know.

Hey, Facing up the same problem. Just added our shop to the site and although I can see shop location on page map, it doesn't appears on vinylhub explore. Can you help me? Thanks.

hatsandrecords: the shop is there now, like mentioned above it can take a few hours for the shop to appear on the frontpage map.

However it looks like there might also be a duplicate in there or are these two different stores at the same address?

Hey, You're right. This one is duplicated


Can you remove it, please?


hatsandrecords: alright, merged it with the original, thanks!

same map problem for our shop? please help!


hey orfemobydick as mentioned above, it can take a few hours for the shop to appear on the frontpage map. It appears on the frontpage map for me now. Let me know if you have any more trouble with it.

I too added a local shop that doesn’t show up on the front page map.


Me too. 5517 College Ave. in Oakland.


There must be some sort of delay. I cleared cache and checked on other browsers...

Sorry, I saw the "real-time" comment and not the "4 hours" comment ... I'll check back tomorrow...

Hey, I added Unification store (http://unification.com.ar) in Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina 5 hours ago (I'm trying to add as many stores I can from Argentina) but it doesn't show up.

Hi nerdbene, it shows up on the map for me now, are you able to see it? Let me know if you're not.
Thanks for contributing those Argentinian stores!

Not to sound like a broken record (HA!) but the following was submitted 16hrs ago and has yet to show on the dynamic front page Map:


Hey Anakin721, the shop is showing on the main map for me now, let me know if you have any further questions.

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