Thanks for Vinylhub! It has really helped me locate record stores fast in big cities like Vienna and the info has been most of the time accurate.
Why is Vinylhub limiting me creating threads? I wanted to review all record shops that I've visited but after the first one I'm somehow "on hold" and not allowed to create new threads. Is it one thread a day? So I was thinking that it would be really good if there was a possibility to rate/review record shops easily and fast with a few words and/or f.e. stars for quality of products, friendliness of staff and range of selection. No need for an actual new thread for that is there?

hey halfwayhut. The thread limit policy is one per day for new users, this was implemented to hinder spam a while back.

Changing the threads on submissions into something more like threaded comments / reviews is something we've considered (similar to how it works on Discogs). But we have not made a call on it yet nor put it on our development roadmap. But thanks for the feedback, we will take it into consideration.

Thanks for the info! For how long is it 1/day?

the forum thread cap is only for the first 10 days. This is to deter spammers, sorry about any inconvenience.

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