Vinylhub is a great database, and I use it to find record shops while travelling which is great.
However, one problem is troubling me, and thats the growing number of closed shops in the database.

I do understand that it is useful to keep the information about closed shops in the database, be it for nostalgic reasons or to keep the integrity of links in the database. But when I use the database to find local shops, these closed shops just clutter the search results in the database or in the map. The only way I know to find out if a shop is still active or closed is looking up the entry.

A first improvement would be a color marking for closed or active shops, or better yet a switch for showing or hiding closed shops in the database or maps.

Are there any solutions for this problem already?

Hi Locke,
Thanks for the suggestion, this is definitely a valid point. We don't currently have a solution for this, but we're looking into it. Glad you find the database useful otherwise! Hopefully we can get that snag fixed for you soon.

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