I am really struggling with the search function here on vinylhub.

When looking for Goodies Records Paris France I get 4,286 results found for goodies records paris france?? Has that shop been deleted yet? I visited the shop last weekend and found it closed. I know how to indicate a shop as closed. But the question is how to get less results with the search function....

hey 453378 As far as I can tell Goodies Records isn't in the database (which explains why you didn't find it). I'd encourage you to add it (and mark it as closed if it is no longer in business).

4,286 is a lot of results indeed, the search needs refinement and is always a work in progress. But also some of those keywords are likely to return a lot of results in for a record store database (records, paris and france). Also in my opinion the number of results isn't the important part, but that the relevant results are at the top, which hopefully they should be.

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