Are we only cataloging stores where the main focus is vinyl? Or are we cataloging antique shops and thrift stores that might have a couple shelves of vinyl?

What are the guidelines on this?

Is there any recomended amount of stock required to list a shop?

I know of an 'antique' dealer (junk shop) who has a sizable record room. 25,000+ pieces

25000 pieaces sounds like it's worth listing it here :)

... or are we also cataloging stores which mainly sell CDs? Second or first hand doesn't matter, I presume.

I'm also looking for feedback on this. I know of a couple thrift/antique shops in my area that have a selection of vinyl that's worth digging through.

Personally, I think it would be beneficial to add them, but I'd like to hear what other members think.

I see the value of adding antique shops that have a large inventory of records, can be a fun place to dig and may be overlooked by those who wouldn't think of visiting the shop for anything else.

I plan on cataloging antique shops and thrift stores that carry vinyl. I think if I actually went in with a camera and took a picture of the section, it would help.

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