Thought about one way to add a Discogs function here, would the idea of adding something to the effect of "Visted" and "Want to Visit" be useful? The terminology could be changed for sure, but having something like a "Collection" and "Wantlist" here would be awesome. Awhile back I had actually started doing this myself on a personal Google Map for my website waxramble, here's a link if anyone's interested in taking a look - (Haven't updated this in a bit). Would be cool to show off where you've been and where you want to go, also imagine stores would be happy to either interact with people who visit their store or seeing those who would like to visit someday in the future. Thoughts/suggestions would be cool :)

How about or dug deep and wanna dig :) or picked clean :). I really love this idea Christian and it's funny it's one I have wanted to track for myself as well. Also to be able to rate my digging experience there so I can remember.

Good suggestion. We will definitely have that feature!

How about a thermometer or temperature gauge to show when they reload? that way you'll know when to go dig again.

You could set an alarm to go off.
whoops! Gotta go get some records.

Want to Visit (wanna dig) will be soooo useful when traveling abroad.

Great idea.

Could also be fun to link the site with the record collection in Discogs and to be able to add where every record has been purchased!

Great ideas here. I love the re-load/re-stock suggestion.

It would also be good if there was an identifier on each entry indicating if the shop was "Independent" or "Part Of A Chain"

This was brought up at as well... perhaps a thread discussing the possible identifiers would be good?

Actually this is what I thought VinylHub is all about when read "Discogs for Record stores" - So, where's my "add to collection" buttonß :)

Important feature imo.

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