Hi All,

Bit of a strange one.

My 15 year old nephews father passed away around 6 months ago and held a record collection of 3000 vinyl records hat had been collected over a 30 year span.

There records were meant to be passed to down to his son, my nephew, however the deceased father's brother has sold these records from Harrogate and will not tell us where he has sold them too at this stage. We are hoping he comes to his senses soon enough. He had no right to sell these records. Should not have sold them and we are hoping to get them back as soon as possible.

These vinyl records carry an enormous sentimental value to his son, as you can imagine at such a young age having to understand the loss of his father he's wanting to keep as many memories of him as he can. His name is Oliver and he's a chip off the old block and just like his late father, David.

Of course, at this stage we are thinking it must be a store that has bought them being that 3000 is fairly sizable. I have called the local stores in Harrogate and some in Leeds but at the moment it's a needle in a haystack. The stores I have spoken to have been really helpful and understanding and i'm hoping with the help of the community here that I am able to track them down and get them back.

Also I understand there has been a significant financial outlay buying these records and we are more than happy to buy them back at whatever cost to whoever has bought them. Obviously they have been bought with the buyer non the wiser about the situation and there is zero desire to cause an issue out of it from our end. We just really want the records back at whatever the price.

The non-human that sold them is a man named Andy and he sold them from Harrogate. He said they fetched just under 2k though we don't believe him and we know they could have sold for more. Again, we don't mind what we have to pay. The 15 year old without his father Oliver, is extremely distraught about all off this and just wants his dads possessions back.

My name is Gen Wright and I can be contacted on this number - 07890696520 - I'm really hoping the community can help us trace the sale so we are able to get them back and so far the stores I have spoken with have been fantastic and really understanding.

If you have bought these records, we would really appreciate you getting in touch and helping us with the return. If you lovey people are able to spread the word I'm hoping we can get these returned.

Many thanks,

Glen Wright

Did you try ebay filter on past auctions?

I’m so sorry that this happened. It’s sad when family members will actually do things like this. I’ve had similar issues. It hurts your heart. I pray you find the record collection, and am of course sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. I live in Florida so there’s not much I can do, but if I hear anything or see anything sketchy online I’ll contact you.

Have you tried Vinyl Tap in Huddersfield as its not far from Harrogate! Good luck ;)

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