Hey! just discovered this Discogs portal, heading to Brooklyn in 2 months time (with much time also being spent in Manhattan) and wondering if anyone had any good recommendations? mainly interested in used jazz records as at home they are nearly impossible to find. Thanks in advance

also not entirely sure if this is an appropriate forum so please remove if not

Hey AliceCooper98. You can find the listings for NY here:

Hope that helps, maybe someone from the community has more in depth recommendation. Happy digging!

I've made some good jazz finds at Academy Records (415 E 12th St, in Manhattan). Good selection, fair prices, plus they have a listening center. Don't forget to check their dollar bins. Also had good luck at The Thing in Greenpoint. Every record is $2, and there are a LOT of them. You have to to the work, but I made some great finds there, like Dave McKenna's first LP of solo piano. Also, there are several Housing Works thrift stores in Brooklyn, and they get some good records. Prices vary, but they can be cheap. I got a great copy of Satchmo Plays King Oliver there for $10.

You may want to visit the Jazz Record Center (https://www.jazzrecordcenter.com/nystore.htm). It's easy to miss (tucked away on the 8th floor of a plain-looking building, I forget if there's even any indication at ground floor that there's a jazz shop upstairs) but it's highly regarded.

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