Because the search does not bring up all the shops, there seems to be lot of doubles submitted to the DB now. the merge requests are cluttering the forum, so please add them to this thread instead of opening a new topic. Thanks.

By creating a new thread for each, I was following teo's advice in this thread

Where he said:

"For now let's just do it in the forum. Make a new topic with "Merge" in the subject and include the two links, and say which one should remain. thanks!"

Oh danm did not notice that. Sorry. Though I'm being helpful :(

I do hope that a mod or someone comes long soon because we now have a ton of duplicates!

Okay, all of the shops mentioned here have been merged. Thanks for being patient!

Ok, those 3 Maniac Records ones are merged.

oops. didn't catch there was already a listing for this one:

this one can be deleted since the other was there first:

still a lot of duplicates, here are some examples: (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete, wrong map) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (delete) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep) (delete) (keep)

Tower Records Dublin on Dawson Street:
merge duplicate

sushiPhones, that Satellite Records duplicate has been removed.

amsterdamvinyl, the Eardrum Buzz dupe has been removed. thanks

chava, all of the duplicates you posted have been removed. Thanks!

johanbaaij, seveninch: the dupes you posted have been removed.

magnix, all of the dupes you posted have been removed. Thanks!

karl-michael, Gsott: all of the dupes you posted have been removed. thanks!

kewl, here are some more duplicates: (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) ..maybe (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep) (keep)

Thanks for removing the previously mentioned duplicates.

Here's another one, De Plaatboef in Utrecht:

chava, cdteek, magnix: thanks for that. I've removed all of those duplicates!

done! Another HARDWAX i'dont know where to merge to.

I suggest a prompt (maybe popup) when choosing to add a new shop, with a suggestion to ensure that the shop does not already exis in the DBt.

This is a quick fix which possibly could prevent the ever-growing number of duplicates cluttering the DB.

Okay, all of the duplicates posted here have been removed. Thanks, everyone!

@chava, good idea. I'll see what I can do about that.

Filter musikk also sells music :

Taille 33, Louvain La Neuve
Louvain La Neuve is a city without car, then it was impossible to found the street on the research map
Finally somebody found the solution.

This one is right when you make a research by city: (keep)

Delete all these:

Rush Mor & Rush-mor

Both with same address etc,

One entry is much more complete info, pics, etc.


Visiting the generic Shops link from the main page shows what appears to be a blank entry located in Milan, Italy. Upon viewing the page source, the culprit appears to be which is a shop added (?) without a name or address. The only other shop the user added is which is also in Milan, so it's safe to say it's a merge.

please delete this shop: (the shop had been closed on this address)
keep this instead:
...closed for business last year and became... the same address.

This one:
Moved to:

So when merging, the info of the 2nd one mentioned needs to stay.

Another dupe from Budapest

please use the 2nd one - thx

Never mind on the above, I just learned the admin tool (I'm on staff), got 'er done.

@19841227: I've merged the dupes you mentioned, thanks for letting us know.

There's 3 entries for Magpie Music in Chippenham, UK.

This is the one I added over a year ago:

And these two have appeared over the last 3 months:

@nowaxjim I merged that dupe, thank you for the heads up

Another one to merge:

I suggest keeping the first one, as this shows the correct location of the shop.

merged, thanks for the heads up AndyWhelan


could you please remove this submission, it was created for a label, and not for a shop, I asked the submitter to fix the errors, but nothing happened, thank you!

removed it 19841227

merged, thanks @ogonkov (keep)

Might be useful to add image from the second one here to the first ツ

Merged, thanks Whitingx.

merged, thanks 19841227

Please merge (or delete) Pop Up Records. Pop Up became Records Per Minute. They are the same store, Pop Up Records was only the temporary name of it for the first couple weeks. It has been Records Per Minute for at least 5 years.

Merged thanks @carywhitt

merged the dupe, thanks anagrama.

merged, thanks paslushay



Merged, thanks @AndyWhelan

Suggest keep 15600, as more have recorded that as visited

Merged, thanks @AndyWhelan

Suggest keep 15600, as more have recorded that as visited

When we merge it moves want-to-visit and visited over from the duplicate to the original, so should be all good. But appreciate the thought!

Waterville Maine USA Record Connection duplicate entries:


merged, thanks 14n3

merged, thanks pberger!


Tropicalia Records in Rio de Janeiro is duplicated:

Original entry:

New One:

merged, thanks DiegoMode and gregorystitt

Thanks kalli

merged, thanks Bong.

merged, thanks for the heads up.

merged, thanks aaronliu503

This one is a duplicate and should be removed. The other one has more, and valid information.

merge, thanks SounderMN

merged, thanks!

merged those dupes, thanks swampsnake1961

merged that one, thanks Darthemed.

merged those, thanks JRyall!

merged, thanks medguitar83

3 entries for Variaworld in Deventer - please merge.
The formal street address is Kleine Overstraat 10-12.

Thanks EKeane, must be a popular shop! I've merged them now

Thanks, merged these now

Thanks, these have been merged

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Unsure if this forum is still active but:
Recommended to merge the second into the first

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