Browsing the shops via the G maps interface is OK, but besides that it would be important to have a list view of the shoposphere, sortable by location.

Well can't edit the post, sorry for the typo in the header...

Can you explain that more? Do you mean you want map and list on the same page?

The search seems to be better now, so a city-based search gives quite good results, and the sub-maps are OK.
But besides the lists created via search, I'd appreciate an "all shops" view - just simply all the shops of the Vinylhub, browsable (at least) by location, maybe in the future also other attributes such as genre, old/used selection, etc.
In the map explorer, IMHO a list of shops of the map area (besides the hovering boxes) would be useful. In the big view that's unpractical of course, but maybe selected by distance could work? Like, 5 km radius from the map centre?

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