There are tons of regular flea markets out there – weekly, monthly, quarterly – with various and varying vinyl sellers, but always having at least a few of them.
Are those eligible?
Not necessarily the sellers individually, but the flea market locations as a whole.
I'm thinking, for instance, of the saturdays Petersplatz Basel flea market ( with its numerous regular and irregular vinyl booths. (Disclosure: I bought quite a part of my collection there over the years… :)

In my opinion, if it is a regular market (with fixed hours that can be given on the "shop" profile) and that allways has some Vinyl booths...why not.

Flea markets are prone to change, especially in Germany. They may be happen on a regular basis but there is monthly change if someone else "blocks" the location (probably it's then the other week or doesn't happen in a certain month due to schedule changes). Things like that. Not sure if it would be wise to allow flea markets in general. I know there are traditional flea markets, always once a month, always at a specific location, for plenty years. But I don't know if this stuff is prone to lots of edits and hence too "dynamic". Just my 2ct.

Shops are prone to unexpected changes just as well. Owners may go on extended holidays. Owners may change their mind and stop selling vinyl from one day to another. Shops also close down, eventually. ;)

With a URL given where one can check if the market still runs would solve that. Even most flea markets have FB pages nowadays 😉

I think this site could be expanded to include flea markets, records fairs, and types of recurring events. But I'd like to wait a bit and get more feedback on it.

Please not. If you start allowing flea markets I bet we'll find the first entries with 95% second hand clothes and 5% vinyl. Maybe we should add drug stores as well - could be possbile an employee sells his vinyl collection. :)

P.S.: just for the record: I would even exclude record fairs - and yes - even Utrecht.

So, Peter… "how much" vinyl do you think makes a shop eligible to be a "record store"? ;)
And if yes, "70%" of what exactly…?
Mass? Value? Item count…?

In my opinion, that's an arbitrary and pointless criterion. That's not much different from Discogs a decade ago limiting the database to "electronic" music only. If a shop has a crate with vinyl for sale, it should be eligible.

Anyway, back on topic:
Yes, I also think that recurrence and a web site should be mandatory for flea markets and fairs if we'd include them.

I see the flea market issue in two ways:

A) Flea markets should not be included
They are not primarily "record shops" and rarely, if ever, catalogue or index their selection. The variance in the selection is also pretty much arbitrary so you couldn't ever even begin categorizing them by style.

B) Flea markets should be included
Then again, they do carry records of all sorts, and as such should be eligible for an entry as much as the next door second hand record shop that sells anything and everything from anyone and everyone. In secondhands, the music is just far more categorized and much easier to search.

I don't know the answer to this question, so I'm just chiming in here with my 0.02€ :-)

But on the topic of record fairs - I wouldn't allow entries for record fairs unless the event venue is recurring and not changing every year. And since they do change, I wouldn't include them. Or then an alternative way of presenting record fairs needs to be implemented, one which is not primarily bound to a physical location (city-wise).

Perhaps add them and note its a flea market (along with reference to where the booth is) in the description.

There's a flea market here that has one vender who's very stable and has a decent selection available and would be inclined to list that, however it's strictly used records and not exactly on par with an actual record store - I'm not sure of the aim of vinyl hub is to only list actual record stores, or if it's to list all the places one can dig for records.

--> djpyrac "I'm not sure of the aim of vinyl hub is to only list actual record stores, or if it's to list all the places one can dig for records."

From the top of the front-page in LARGE letters: "It's like Discogs, for Record Shops. Our mission is to document every physical record shop on the planet. With your help, we can create an accurate listing of all record shops, useful to diggers and travelers everywhere"

How can this be misunderstood. Vinylhub is a list of record-shops. It would be an good idea to add a separate department for record-fairs in the future.

Definitely would be interesting to have seperate sections for record-fairs, flea-markets, thrift stores, etc.

Flea markets are where the magic happens!

I love the flea markets.....some best records shop are it ;)

I am with attacca

I think it depends whether it is a good place to go crate digging or not... but being able to filter out stuff would be great.

Vinylhub I reckon will work best for me while travelling. So it is the less obvious places that don't turn up in a simple google: record shop + city that will be most interesting. So when I turn up in Berlin later in the year knowing where a good flea market / 2nd-hand shop that sells vinyl would be awesome.

I live in Tasmania. It is a hard place to make a living so many shops sell lots of other stuff. While we have a couple of good record stores, there's a bunch of places that if I was a visitor here that are worth having a look at - an antique shop, a stall at the saturday market, etc.

I think then let the community / locals feedback on whether it is any good or not. It will soon become apparent whether it is a clothes shop with 5x Kamahl records or somewhere that turns up interesting stuff regularly.

I'm definitely all for the flea markets and junk shops to be on here. In fact, most of the places I've been adding over the last couple days have been exactly that.

The main reason being that in my part of the world, as in many others I'm sure, bonafide record stores are few and far between, and yet I regularly turn up many a gem despite that.

This issue brings up a definite urban vs. rural prejudice too, 'real' record stores being found mainly in larger cities.

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