Who is responsible for deleting entries after the store closes?

As an example:
http://www.vinylhub.com/shop/121-Jackpot-Records is closed
http://www.vinylhub.com/shop/54-360-Vinyl is closing after tomorrow

I'm curious if these will be deleted or if they will receive a "closed/retired" status, documenting older stores may still have some value.

I'd rather flag them as closed and keep the info here for historical purposes. Closed shops could be hidden from view by default. But I'd like to hear what others think too!

teo - I agree that they shoul be searchable for historical (and practical purposes), but not present on the map. I think it's okay if they're on the last as long as they're properly marked as "closed".

I often look up record stores when I'm visiting new cities, but it's not always clear whether or not they're still in business, so being able to tag stores as "closed" sounds like a great idea.

Agree with above - closed stores ought to be kept but not to show on the map. If there was some way to show closed stores in search results but greyed out OR when searching, a check box to include closed stores (and for the search results to make it obvious when displayed, which ones are closed, either by greying out those results or some other visual cue).

That all sounds good to me. Historical info is always nice.

Maybe put a big red "Closed" banner somewhere on the store's listing, and in the search results list.

You should consider a kind of history. Maybe stores close for 2 years, then re-open? Same location, same building, just a new design and concept? I'd love to have this kind of historical information well sorted in a database. This is something really new. Especially stores opening under a new name but being linked to the same owners in same location. I know, it's quite complex to implement, but worth a thought.

Hey, I have the same problem with this store: http://www.vinylhub.com/shop/770-Kann-Records
It's closed since two weeks and I have no idea how I can make that visible to others.

Btw: I really like the idea to archive them for historical reasons :)

What if closed stores are denoted with a different color (say yellow or green) on the map. I have traveled to cities in search of record stores that still pops up as "in business" on a search engine only to drive across town to find out thy they have shut down. Yellow-page listings or user review websites archive their information but often do not update closures in a timely manner.

And of course there are those moments when one recollects the name of a record store but can not remember quite exactly where it was (or vice versa). So having a reference point on a map would be nice.

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