I use Discogs to keep track of my collection and have "source" as an additional
field. For items I bought in a shop, I currently enter the name and city or
full address. It's flexible, but requires copy/paste or repeated typing.

And if I want to do anything with the information after export, I need to do
cleanup (e.g. mapping to identifiers).

It would be awesome to be able to link to VinylHub stores in this field by
setting the type of field to "VinylHub store" and having auto-complete to select
the exact shop. I now realise this is probably more a Discogs feature request.

The other way around could be useful too: if people add the source of an item in
their collection, after a while it would be possible to extract information
about what each store sells from Discogs.

This is an interesting idea. I too use a custom field for entering the store where I bought an album on Discogs. How should this field handle online-only stores?

+1 on this request. I have the same procedure as described by benbono.

This is a nice idea.

So, one week later, after adding my collection at discogs, I think this is a REALLY good idea. It's make things a lot easier over on discogs.




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