Online shops are allowed? Why not just list all discogs sellers then?

Hi! I'd agree that online-only sellers are a different thing, and probably not legitimate for this site at the moment. However, we'll have to run that by teo!

The newly designed front page says "Our mission is to document every physical record shop on the planet. " that indicates purely online retailers ought not be added.

^ That's right, this is intended for physical shops.

Perhaps there should be a way to report individual stores, like the example above, from their pages?
A sort of NAI (Not Actual Item) à la Discogs :)

Could be a future project to add to the site.

Maybe in future, but please with a flag which can be used for filtering. I imagine myself using this site in a city and getting tons of online sellers - and getting lost like before. I don't think this wasn't intended, right?

I would prefer not to see sellers with an online presence only.

I think some online sellers would be acceptable, specialist stores - thinking of a site here in New Zealand that only sells local (NZ) music, digital and physical... they do a great job stocking that which physical stores can't or won't so to some collectors/buyers they'd be useful even if not a destination for someone who manages to make it to NZ

Surely this is a site for record collectors to.identify physical.stores they can visit worldwide? There is no other site I am aware of with the potential to get any where near listing every record shop in the world, great idea and if kept to physical stores it will become the must use tool for record buyers

Insurrekt are also listed twice:

anagrama, neither of those Insurrekt Records have a correct address. Is it online only? If so we should remove them.

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