Whats the consensus around adding "retail chain" (not independent) stores like HMV that sell vinyl?

Yes... No?

I would vote yes

+1 and just add a note as to what the store is perhaps?

I'm not sure adding a department store that sells a few records is beneficial, but if it were properly tagged, I guess it wouldn't hurt to catalog places like Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic.

Let's say Walmart had a tiny vinyl section. Would we want that cataloged here? It's an extreme example but I saw that to help us decide the boundaries.

Another opposite example is the many secondhand shops that have records in them (Goodwill (USA), Dr Barnardos (UK) etc etc).

For example, I entered http://www.vinylhub.com/shop/1935-Arti-Puces which is a general bric-a-brac store, with some vinyl in the back.

This also ties in with:

and FLauridsen's 'Type' idea at http://www.vinylhub.com/forum/91-First-round-of-entries-feedback

I dont't know about listing the whole retail chains, flee markets and fairs. i thought this should be about the real record stores. not about some big companies that just decided to sell vinyl again because it's in fashion. like '' http://www.vinylhub.com/shop/3434-MediaMarkt ''. the whole idea behind this page is great, it's just about the people here not to mess it up. other wise we'd have to list amazon and whatsoever as well.

We're not going to be listing Amazon. This is for physical shops only.

Personally, when I visit a town to look at vinyl, I go to the record stores and the thrift stores, no matter how small. It would be nice to know where they are.

I'm reversing my opinion from my first comment in this thread. Regardless if I personally find it beneficial or not, if a store sells vinyl, I believe they should be listed. Doesn't matter if the vinyl is new or used and it doesn't matter if they stock 100,000 records or 100.

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