I added a record store, but Google Maps automaticaly marked slightly wrong position. It would be really cool to be able to adjust it by hand.

We can't do that now but it's an interesting idea. What shop is it? It could be that a tweak to the address could get the marker to the right position.

If the address is correct but the location on Google Maps is wrong, it may be better to report this as a problem to Google Maps to get it fixed on the map.

Google Maps shows correct building, but the entrance itself is just around the corner of the same building. If you'll zoom in close you can see that special "place" button that says "Bis Aufs Messer Records" and it's in the right place. So, I guess, if there's no such a thing for some shop on Google Maps, then, probably, they should just work on making it appear on GM as this kind of highlighted entity, no matter if there's an easy way to find entrance or not...

As for Vinyl Hub side, maybe there might be a way to hook up not just an address, but that "place" entity on Google Maps, if it's exist. It might be tricky though and needed in rare instances :)

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