Hi, everyone. Thanks for the feedback so far. I've just put out some updates:

  • on the "Add Store" form
    -- Description field - basic free-text field for info about the shop
    -- Also Sells field - enter a comma-separated list of things this shop also sells (t-shirts, turntables, etc)
    -- Hours - click the "Initialize" button to add Mon-Sun. This will save you 21 clicks!
  • Home page now shows basic stats and latest 20 additions (this includes updates as well but that will be fixed)
  • Browse All button (later on this should support drill down into country, city, etc)
  • lists of shops now display location
  • updated Shop page, and photo is displayed
  • On the Explorer page, you can click a pin to get a popup of information about the shop. And click through directly to the shop.


Amazing. Great site - been hoping for something like this for a while!

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