I believe i added my store twice... however one listing has the right location and the other does not. how can i get this fixed?

Curious Collections Vinyl Records and More is the one i want to keep. However, the map is correct on the other listing "Curious Collections"

I've merged the duplicate CuriousCollections. You could update the address field with the address from the duplicate, that should get you the correct location.

"707 Texas Ave. South, College Station, TX"

The shop "Au Temps du vinyl" in Montpellier, South of France, has closed a year ago (alas !)

hey Twinselecter, thanks for the heads up, I've updated the store. For permanently closed stores you can edit the listing and tick the "closed" check box to mark it as no longer operating.

Riverside Records in Porvoo, Finland has been closed since November 2017.

thanks for the heads up EzyRyder, I've marked it as closed. For future reference you can update closed shops by clicking "edit" and checking the "closed" checkbox.

I entered a wrong shop (Deep House Records) located at Bordeaux France. It has to be merged with the right shop : Deep End Records (at the same adress , 16 rue de la Porte Basse, Bordeaux).
Can Staff correct it.

fixed thanks for the heads up yalajules

Tx for the quick reaction.

I've added my store, and iy alredy was here. Can you please delete the one I added?

I've merged that shop, thanks Rotordiscos

one of our shop "Spotty Vinyl Records Peckham, London" closed a few weeks ago. Could you please delete from the database?
Spotty Vinyl

hey spottyvinylrecords I've marked that store as permanently closed so the information
is around for historical reasons. For future reference this can be done by any registered user by clicking "edit this shop" and clicking the "closed" checkbox.

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