there is no "warning" when new entries are made so we should check each time if the store has been added already, for instance I entered Rush Hour, and noticed after the entry that it was there already.
maybe a block on the store name would help, message popping, entry already exists

That's a good point. Where would you want to see that warning? When you type the name in the form? Was it too hard to search beforehand?


Preferably directly when Shop Name is entered, for instance in Discogs after submission you have duplicate suggestions.
Now this could come directly after typing in the Shop Name so you don't need to continue to enter the full form.
I don't think it is a matter of being too hard to search beforehand - basically I took the list out of my head of record stores I know and entered them based on the info out there on the net; it is more to avoid double or triple entries when they haven't been checked properly. It would be more appropriate to add info to existing data than to have it double and only half.

Like now, I don't know how to cancel the double entry, and prefereably I would cancel the entry with the least info, which isn't mine, so don't know if that is an option


Yes, it doesn't seem to be possible to delete an entry. Is this deliberate? I should think it would be good for the person who originally posted the store to have the ability to delete the entry? Or maybe a better scenario when everything is up and running would be for people to vote on merges a la Discogs?


I agree, doing deleting and merges like Discogs would be a great idea.

In terms of double entries, maybe a warning should be based on the address and not the name? Or maybe both?
For instance, Route66 in Denmark has two shops in different cities, but they operate under the same name (and are owned by the same peope as far as I know), but should have two separate entries.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I think it would be nice to get a warning in the submission form as you're typing the shop name, and on the preview as well. Merge request form would be great too but will take some work.

For now let's just do it in the forum. Make a new topic with "Merge" in the subject and include the two links, and say which one should remain. thanks!

If there is an warning at the Shop Name it needs to be passable; I just entered Second Spin - which has 3 locations in 3 different states.

Perhaps the double check should be moved to the Address section - as stores (especially from around the world) could share names, but definitely not locations.

I just made a double entry and no warning was given. And afterwards there was no delete button, so I changed it to a different shop/-name. Otherwise its very easy to use and got the map which i find very importent altough many just use a smartphone when they are in a city... but if you wanna plan a bit before the journey it's great.

for now please use the "Merge" forum for deleting double entries, also check before entering a new shop if it was entered already to avoid doubles please

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