I was wondering about this before... In the industry they usually estimate the amount of record shops in Japan in the thousands (with RIAJ at the higher end of the spectrum, with their estimate hovering around the 6.000 mark).

But in the Vinylhub dataset I see <200 shops. Is that just because there are fewer people crowdsourcing info from Japan? Or is this due to some other reason?

Yes, the Vinylhub data is all community contributed. So as you say, if shops are missing that is because they have not been submitted yet. We encourage users to submit or update shops that they know to be missing or out of date.

Off course there is also some ambiguity in how to define a record store. For the most part the submissions on Vinylhub are shops that specialise in selling recorded music. Now I don't know the details of the RIAJ estimates but maybe that also includes shops where music is a side-business?

Yeah, the definitions for what constitutes a 'record store' are far from watertight. I'll try to check a sample of my RIAJ-list, to see which are on there and if they are dedicated record stores or not.

Anyway, my main argument was that it's a bit impatient to use the current dataset as a basis for generalized statements and semi-factual social media posts, that in turn get eagerly reposted by lazy music blogs. :) Loving the project though.

That is a fair point. As the author of the post I tried to make it very clear that the data is incomplete, a work in progress and only based on Vinylhub submissions. I'd agree though that those caveats have not been accurately reiterated in all the coverage of the post. It was not meant to sound complete, exhaustive or authoritative, I apologise if it came across that way. Still stand by it as an interesting read though and dig into the data as it stood at the time.

My guess would be that the completeness of the data varies pretty wildly from region to region. With the US and Europe being the only places where I'd assume its close to complete (at least for independent-ish record stores).

I've added three in Japan today, if that helps. I'll scour my memories and the site to fill in any others I can!

That's great, thanks a lot for contributing, bobbystokes

I'm adding all the ones I know in Fukuoka, but it does kind of feel like re-inventing the wheel a little.

Am I an idiot? I can't seem to find info on how to add record shops in Japan.

Doh! just found it. Yup right in front of my face.

:D glad you found it koeshi.dee. Let us know if you need any help!

Cheers. But it was all pretty easy. Added a few in the Chubu area.

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