AstronautSaint Records' Charity Auction for THEWJWF.ORG

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Address United States
Organizer AstronautSaint Records
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Event Phone 503-512-3236
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AstronautSaint Records’ 2021 charity auction on behalf of's Musician Health & Services Program.
Heya! We are OFFICIALLY announcing our January 2021 Charity Auction (dates below*). It is open to all US residents.
Registration is happening NOW at:
A little bit about the charity we’re supporting:
“For more than a decade, the Jeremy Wilson Foundation 501(c)3 (JWF) has been dedicated to improving the overall well-being of local musicians and their families during times of medical crisis. Our JWF Musician Health & Services Program provides both crisis financial assistance for qualified recipients and critical consultative support through the JWF volunteer social services team. This social services component, led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, enables us to connect those we serve with additional local, state, or federal aid and help them navigate the complex healthcare system.” For more info visit

A little bit about us: “AstronautSaint Records- it’s just the two of us, my wife & I (Mathew&Sarah), and, of course, all of our vinyl friends. We opened in the time just before COVID was common vernacular & just as our second son, Erskine Ebenezer Oddfellow, was born. We honestly had no idea what was in store for us this year. Like most in the music industry, the effects have been unprecedented and at times disastrous- economically, physically, mentally. We still, through all of this tribulation, strive to offer the best music shopping experience possible. Late nights, working with no pay, putting every cent of revenue back into a business that we believe in. Even so, we want so badly to give back to a community that has given to us lifelong, life-changing experiences: the music community. We are pleased, and hope you are too, that we are hosting this charity event. Due to the trials of COVID-19, The JWF has not been able to host their annual fundraising events; because of this, they have missed out on almost 60% of their usual fundraising goals. That said, we wish to extend an invitation for you to join us, from behind your keyboards & smart phones, to raise money for this amazing foundation. Also, feel free to drop by and pick up some rad vinyl, you’ll be supporting a true ‘Mom&Pop’ operation!” -The AstronautSaint

*Auction held January 1st-31st 11:59pm PST
Our merchandise donors for auction items:
Sub Pop Records
Merge Records
Fat Possum Records
Bloodshot Records
Kill Rock Stars
Murder by Death
William Elliott Whitmore
Secretly Canadian
Rocket Heart Records